Income Plan Spreadsheet

Plan Your Most Profitable Year

The Income Plan Spreadsheet is a 3-page spreadsheet that breaks down exactly how you're going to hit your income goal for the year.

I created it because freelancers were telling me they had income goals, but no plan to help them reach those goals.

A lot of freelancers said they:

  • Struggle with an inconsistent income each month.
  • Battle with feelings of stress and anxiety because of money.
  • Want to grow their income but have no idea where to start.

It starts with an income plan, m'friend.

At this point, you’re thinking…

  • “But Nesha… I’ve created a plan before and I've never been able to stick to it! How is this different?"
  • “Plans are only for big, corporate businesses.”
  • “Plans stifle my creativity.”

I get you, but hear me out…

This plan isn't a 20+ page Word document.

In this income plan, we strip back all the non-essentials and focus on your income goal and exactly what you need to do to hit it.

Inside your income plan, you’ll break down:

  • Your ‘Realistic’ and ’Stretch' income goals for the year
  • Your income + tax prediction
  • How many clients you need to achieve your income goal
  • How much you should be charging
  • What digital products you’ll create to help boost your income
  • What webinars you'll host to help sell your services and products
  • Your business expenses
  • Your monthly sales and growth

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This product includes:

  • 1 Google Docs Spreadsheet with 3 pages
  • 1 video tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this spreadsheet just for freelance designers?
Nope! This spreadsheet will work well for any kind of freelancer.
What format is the spreadsheet?
It's in Google Docs. When you purchase it, you can either save the spreadsheet to your own Google Docs or you can download a copy to your computer!
What's the difference between an income plan and a business plan?
Business plans tend to get complicated reeeeeal quick. An income plan is a lot simpler. It’s a one-page spreadsheet where you’ll cut out all the non-necessities and focus solely on your income streams and revenue goals.
What are your terms of service?
Refunds are not available on this product.

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