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Let me guess…

  • You’re tired of clients expecting you to reply to their emails ASAP, even on evenings and weekends.
  • You’re sick of chasing late payments like you're a debt collector.
  • And you’re tired of your projects going over their deadline again and again.
  • You know you need to organize your client process and set some better boundaries, but you don’t know where to start and you don’t have time to waste on this.
You are:

  • Amazing at the creative work you do but really struggle with getting organized.
  • Busy as a bee - streamlining your client process has been on your todo list forever but you’ve never gotten around to it.
  • Struggling to maintain the passion you once had for your clients.
Know how I know that about you? Because I’ve been in the same position. I reached an all-time low when a client sent me a furious email in all caps about how messy my process was, and how disappointed she was. That email made me burst into a snotty flood of tears because she was right, and I felt like an amateur.

It helped me realize that I needed to set aside a little time to focus on my client process - to focus on giving my clients the most professional, memorable experience possible and set boundaries to protect my energy and mental health.

It took me quite a few weeks of trial and error to craft the perfect client process on my own, but I’d rather it not take you so long.

That’s why I want to introduce you to…

The Client Process Bundle - A Simple 3-Step Course to Transform Your Client Process From Messy to Mind-Blowing


  • Your clients always give you files and feedback on time.
  • Late payments are a thing of the past.
  • Clients rave about you to all their friends and colleagues because you not only provided them with amazing work, but an incredible experience.
  • You feel confident about your process.
  • You're not second-guessing your process anymore or feeling like an amateur. You know you're being professional and doing everything right.

This isn’t impossible. This is what happens when you take just a little time to organize your client process and craft the experience your clients deserve.

What’s Included In This Course?

I’ve taken three out of the ten modules inside my other course, Organize & Automate, and used them to form this course!

The Client Process Bundle includes these three modules:

✅ Module 1: Project Management. Learn how to use Asana (my favourite project management tool) with your clients instead of managing your projects through dozens of back and forth emails. Asana allows you and your clients to create todo lists, share files and feedback, set due dates and set reminders. This helps make sure tasks are completed on time and keeps your projects organized on one tidy online page!

✅ Module 2: Client Onboarding. Tired of potential clients ghosting you after they enquire? Use my Signature 8-Step Client Onboarding Process to amaze your potential clients before you even book them, and set boundaries and expectations upfront before your projects even begin.

✅ Module 3: Project Handoff. Sick of clients sending you a million questions after their project is over? Use this module to learn how to end your projects firmly but respectfully. You’ll also learn my signature Killer Testimonial Framework so that your clients send in blush-worthy testimonials at the end of each project.

Here’s a look at the curriculum...

You'll Also Get...

Get these bonuses thrown in with your purchase for free if you enroll before the timer on this page runs out.


(VALUE $247)

Dubsado is a business management app that allows you to handle contracts, quotes, invoices, questionnaires, bookkeeping and more - all from one app. This bonus module will show you how to set it up in just one day and provide you with templates, scripts and more to make the setup simple!


(VALUE $49)

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a welcome page you can send to clients at the start of your projects to set rock-solid boundaries, outline expectations, and train your client to use your project management tool.

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Copy & Paste Welcome Page Template.

(VALUE $49)

Don’t spend days creating the perfect welcome page. Use my copy & paste template to get it done in one hour!


All together you’ll get $614 of value for just $269. Pretty cool, right?

Get started now!

Should I join this course or Organize & Automate? What’s the difference?

The Client Process Bundle is made of 3 modules about streamlining your client process, plus some bonuses. Organize & Automate includes everything from The Client Process Bundle plus 7 more modules to help you organize your entire online service-based business, not just your client process. You can learn more about Organize & Automate here!

If you join The Client Process Bundle but decide in the future that you would like to upgrade to Organize & Automate, that's great! You'll be given a coupon to deduct the cost of this course from the cost of Organize & Automate.

Your Teacher

Nesha Woolery
Nesha Woolery

Hey! I'm Nesha - 11-year online business & content marketing expert.

I help freedom seekers build an online business that can make a full-time income without them working full-time hours or burning out.

" If you're tired of running in circles and getting stressed out every time you take on a new client then you NEED to invest in this course. It changed my life and has helped make my dream of starting a business become my reality."

- Jessica Forbes @jessicaforbes

" When I came across this course, I was so nervous to put the money down. My hands were literally shaking as I entered my credit card info because money was tight at the time, but I was so amazed once I started taking the course. It was worth every single penny and then some. It really set me up for success and I feel so much more confident about giving my clients a premium experience when working with me. I'm leaving my 9-5 soon and I couldn't feel more prepared!"

- Lauren Taylar @taylardigital

" Stop thinking about joining and just join! What you spend on this course will be returned 10-fold with the free tools and simple step-by-step guides on how to best use them, but mostly with your peace of mind. Nesha's logical and practical process has really helped me get control of my constant and obsessive thoughts of “what's next?" and “what'd I miss?". Now I can easily track each project and know where I stand."

- Rhonda Faulkner, @rhondafulme

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs associated with this course?
All tools used in this course are free or come with free plans except Dubsado. However, you DO NOT need to use Dubsado to complete this course. We've still included a bonus about Dubsado though (+ 10 done-for-you Dubsado templates and materials) for students who can afford it and want to use it for their business.
I don’t know if I’ll have time to complete this course…
Most students complete this course in one weekend. That’s it! And after they complete it, they get the satisfying results of more referrals from amazed clients, more repeat work, and less stress throughout projects. Are these results worth a weekend of your life? I definitely think so. (But just so you know - you can take as long as you like to finish this course.)
My budget is tight, I’m not sure I can afford it.
Luckily, a payment plan is available. At the checkout, you can choose to enroll for one full payment or split it over two months.
Who is this course for?
It’s for online service-based business owners like web designers, virtual assistants, coaches, writers, photographers etc.
Should I join this course or Organize & Automate? What’s the difference?
The Client Process Bundle is made of 3 modules about streamlining your client process, plus some bonuses. Organize & Automate includes everything from The Client Process Bundle plus 7 more modules to help you organize your entire online service-based business, not just your client process. You can learn more about Organize & Automate here:
If I join this, can I join Organize & Automate at a discounted rate in the future?
Yep! When you join The Client Process Bundle, you’ll receive an email containing a coupon code you can use any time in the future to deduct the cost of this course from the cost Organize & Automate.

This course is for you if...

✅ You sell an online service (like web design, virtual assistance, coaching, writing etc.)

Your service is provided in-person but you manage your clients online (like photographers!)

✅ Your client process is a hot mess and you’re feeling stressed (and unprofessional.)

✅ Or you’re a new business owner and need help setting up your client process so that you can feel confident and prepared to take on paying clients.

This course is not for you if
❌ Your business is 100% in-person and not based online at all.
❌ You mainly sell products, not services.
❌ You’re an advanced business owner who is already pretty organized and using most of the systems I recommend.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you complete this course to the best of your ability and you can still say it honestly wasn’t worth your time, we will offer you a prompt and full refund.


Less stress. More happy clients. More repeat work and referrals. This is what I want to help you achieve through this course.

Get started now!