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Last updated: 18/01/2021

By visiting neshawoolery.com, you are consenting to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of this site. Policies may be updated at any time. By using this site you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to review these policies and be aware of any modifications.

Below you’ll find more information about my policies for neshawoolery.com. Please contact me if you have any queries.


Organize & Automate: You may request a full refund within 7 days of your original purchase by contacting our support team at [email protected] and definitively requesting the full refund. We will NOT provide refunds after 7 days from the date of original purchase. On the 8th day, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the product, regardless of whether or not you complete the program.

Please note: If you opted for a payment plan and you do not request a refund within 30 days, you are required by law to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan. We reserve the right to seek recovery of any monies remaining unpaid via our Collection Agency.

Dubsado In A Day & The Client Process Bundle: We will offer you a full refund if requested within 7 days of purchase. We will NOT provide refunds after 8 days from the date of original purchase. On the 8th day, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the product, regardless of whether or not you complete the program.

Please note: All refunds are discretionary as determined by Nesha Woolery Limited. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

As mentioned above, all refunds are discretionary. If you just downloaded the Training Material (PDFs, audios, videos, additional workbooks, and/or etc.), and then promptly asked for a refund, we reserve the right to deny your refund request. Why? Because the point of the policy is to give people the chance to try the system, and if it doesn't work, they can get their money back. It wasn't designed to enable people to steal the Training Material.

Advertising, Sponsored Posts & Giveaways

It is very important to me that all advertisers integrate well with the style and content of my brand so I hold the right to refuse advertisers based on this. Any sponsored posts will be written in my own words and voice, and no sponsored posts are free of charge. I'd be delighted to sample your product if it is something that will benefit and appeal to me and my readers, but please note that samples cannot be returned. I do not sell text links of any kind. All giveaways are subject to state and federal sweepstakes laws.

Content, Downloads & Comments

All design, photography and copy used on this website are copyright Nesha Designs unless stated otherwise. If you use my content elsewhere, please be sure to refer to neshawoolery.com and link back to the original post. All photography not owned or created by me credits the original creator. If your work has not been credited correctly, please feel free to contact me at hi(at)neshadesigns(dot)com and I will rectify this as soon as possible.

I reserve the right to remove any blog posts at any time. You recognize that any advise I share on my website or blog is solely from personal experience and may not suit or work for everyone. You therefore release me from any blame or claim arising from such a situation.

I occasionally provide free downloads. Please do not resell, package or distribute these downloads or upload them to other websites. If you are promoting these downloads, please link back to the original blog post.

Comments are always welcome on blog posts but I reserve the right to remove comments that are inflammatory, inappropriate, disrespectful or promotional. Please note that if your comment contains too many links it may automatically be flagged as spam.

Advice on this website

This website is an informational resource for bloggers and business owners. It is not a substitute for working with a business consultant or other professional. I cannot guarantee the outcome of following the recommendations provided and any statements made regarding the potential outcome are expressions of opinion only. I make no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided herein. By continuing to use this website you acknowledge that I cannot guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within my control. Therefore, following any information or recommendations provided on this website are at your own risk.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links contained on this website are affiliate links. This means that I may receive a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase from the affiliate. I only recommend products and services that I know or trust to be of high quality, whether an affiliate relationship is in place or not.


I am always happy to consider submissions for guest blog posts that integrate with the style and message of my business and blog, but please note that I may not respond to every submission. No submission is automatically guaranteed to be published on my blog.

Terms & Conditions

neshawoolery.com contains articles on freelancing, design, marketing, organizing your business and other topics. Information on such topics is subject to change and I make no representation or warranty that the information provided is accurate, reliable, current or error-free. I am not liable for any inaccuracy, error or incompleteness in the content.

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If any provision of this agreement becomes void, unlawful or unenforceable, then that provision will be excluded from this agreement and will not affect validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. This contract is a legal document under jurisdiction of West Midlands, United Kingdom courts.