Story Sprint

Learn how to batch 1 month of Instagram stories in 1 day so you can show up & sell daily on autopilot

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Struggling with your Instagram Stories game? Let me guess:

βœ” Wrestling with the challenge of maintaining consistency on Instagram amidst alllll the other things you have to do to run an online business (and live your life)?

βœ” Finding yourself at a loss for what to post on your Stories, leading to last-minute, uninspired content?

βœ” It takes so much energy to show up on stories, only to see minimal engagement. Oh, and maybe 20 people watch. So you wonder... why bother?

βœ” Wondering if the time and effort you invest in Instagram Stories are really worth the results you're seeing (or not seeing)?

βœ” Ever tempted to give up on Instagram altogether, contemplating if other platforms might be a better fit for your business?

If these struggles sound all too familiar, fear not!

I got you my friend. 🫢🏽

Story Sprint will not only show you what to post on your Instagram story, it'll show you how to batch 1 month of stories in 1 day so that you're no longer reliant on your daily energy to show up and sell on your story. You'll now sell EVERY day, on autopilot.

And if you want to post spontaneous stories too then cool! They'll now add to your story strategy, instead of making up your WHOLE strategy.

First, lemme explain why posting to your story is so important.

⚠️ EVEN if only 20 people are watching. ⚠️

βœ… The people who watch your story are your warmest leads. These are the people MOST interested in what you are selling.

βœ… 9 times out of 10, your past clients and customers watched your story before buying. This means your NEXT clients are probably watching your story today!

βœ… When people consider working with someone, they often turn to Instagram before visiting their website. They scroll through posts and then dive into stories. Why? They're eager to grasp your personality, values, and vibeβ€”key factors in determining if you're the right fit for them. (Especially if your offers are $1K+)


Story Sprint

What You'll Learn...

  • Exactly WHAT to post on your story every day to turn followers into buyers & clients.
  • 1 Instagram story hack I use to engage more of my followers.
  • A sustainable story posting schedule.
  • Stories that sell vs stories that nurture.
  • How to create & schedule 1 month of stories in 1 day. (So all you have to do for the next 30 days is spend 5 mins each day posting what you've scheduled!)

You'll Also...

  • Receive a Step-By-Step Story Batching Checklist (available on Notion or Google Docs) outlining the exact steps to batch 1 month of stories in 1 day
  • Get a tutorial showing you how to schedule your stories with or without a scheduling tool!

What My Students Are Saying...

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not the same as The Content Batching Blueprint. That blueprint teaches you how to batch 1 month of Instagram *feed* posts in 1 day (such as reels and carousels.) It doesn't teach Instagram stories. Bundle both products at the checkout for extra savings! πŸŽ‰



✨ You only spend 2-5 minutes each day posting the stories you've scheduled. No more wondering "what do I post on my story today?!"

✨ Your stories are strategic AND natural, designed to generate enquiries, clients, and sales without the sleaze!

✨ Your amazing offers no longer sit on the shelf gathering dust because you are now selling every day without ACTUALLY selling every day.

✨ Your stories are selling for you while you're doing your client work, out for brunch with the girls, or playing with your kids.

✨ You get messages like this every day:

Ready to make this happen?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me if I'm new to Instagram?
The system taught in Story Sprint is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.
Would this work for my niche?
If you sell an online service or digital product, the system will work for your niche. For more specific niches, you might need to adjust some of the post ideas but the batching process itself will remain the same.
Will it really only take me 1 day to batch 1 month of stories?
This system is completely doable in 1 day. However, I can't guarantee a timeframe because it depends on your unique pace and schedule. Take longer if you need it!
Does it matter if I don't have many followers?
It doesn't matter how many followers you have. This system teaches you how to create stories with more ease and speed! Successful people show up as if there are 1000 people watching, even when it's just 10.
Is this a subscription or one-time purchase?
It's a one-time purchase. For less than the price of a nice dinner with the girls πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ, you'll get a content creation system that helps you post consistently to your IG story and convert sales worth thousands. It's kind of a no brainer!
What's the difference between this and The Content Batching Blueprint?
The Content Batching Blueprint helps you batch 1 month of content in 1 day for your Instagram *feed*. (Reels, carousels and static posts.) It does not teach Instagram stories. Story Sprint teaches you how to create 1 month of Instagram stories in 1 day so you can show up and sell on stories every day without it draining your energy. You can bundle both classes at the checkout! These classes work perfectly together.

Get started now!

Your Teacher

Nesha Woolery
Nesha Woolery

Hey! I'm Nesha - 11-year online business and content marketing expert.

I've taught 2000+ worldwide students how to build an online business that can make a full-time income without them working full-time hours or burning out.

Content marketing is a huge part of running a successful online business. However...

❌ It shouldn't take over your life.
❌ You shouldn't be stressing about it every day.
❌ And it shouldn't take you hours to make one post.

If you're ready to get off the content hamster wheel, save time, and stress less then I look forward to hearing how The Content Batching Blueprint transforms your relationship to content creation! (And saves your sanity. πŸ€ͺ)