Define who your ideal client is

Finding your ideal client isn’t about creating an Ideal Client Avatar and figuring out things like their hair colour and where they shop. It’s about understanding your audience's struggles and desires, building a relationship with them, and making sure they feel seen and heard. Your service needs to address both the external and internal problems and desires of your ideal client.

Your Assignment

Research your ideal client by polling your Instagram audience, surveying a Facebook group, or setting up Zoom chats with 3-5 of your followers. Look out for patterns that your ideal clients keep bringing up, and for words and phrases they use that you can add to your own website and marketing copy. Collect these into one document that you can reference when you create your copy and marketing materials.

Resources Mentioned

Descript - Transcription

Acuity Scheduling* or Calendly - Appointment scheduling

Zoom - Online meetings

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